Rent an apartment in Hamburg, Berlin or Bremen. Visa and full removal services for individuals

Rent an apartment, property search and visa for individuals

You’re moving to Hamburg, Berlin or Bremen and need help in your search for the perfect accommodation?You’re looking to relocate for work or college and don’t have time to deal with the small print? Don’t hesitate to benefit from our qualified individual relocation services.

If you’re looking to relocate for personal reasons and don’t have time to deal with the small print, let us handle the hassle for you. We’ll take care of finding suitable housing and manage your individual removal.

We also offer you the complete visa application (EU Blue Cardaccelerated procedure for skilled workers etc.), registering at the resident’s office, health insurance, opening a bank account, car registration, registering income tax card and child allowance, finding a suitable nursery or school. Please note our complete additional service.

Our services for individual relocation to Hamburg, Berlin and Bremen

  • Domestic and international individual relocation services
  • General information on the housing and real estate market
  • Assistance with your search for apartments or properties in preferred areas and districts
  • Assistance with the search for temporary accommodation/rooms in shared apartments
  • Time management/schedule coordination for viewings
  • Personal attendance or representation at appointments for viewing apartments
  • Assistance with rental contract issues
  • Comparing offers from removals and overseas transport companies
  • Personal advice, organisation and coordination of removals
  • Coordination of craftspersons/building services
  • Assistance with buying kitchens or other furniture
  • Assisting or effecting formal handovers
  • Registering at the resident`s office
  • Health insurance
  • Registering tax identification number and child allowance
  • Registering or re-registering with public utility companies (water, electricity, etc.)
  • Registering or re-registering with telephone and Internet services

A relocation service you can trust!

Top-notch, competent and reliable – that’s the way we help you find your new accommodation! We organise your removal, take care of the paper work, deal with the authorities, find suitable nurseries, schools, domestic staff, recreational activities and lots more.

We’ll help you and your family to find your way around Hamburg, Berlin or Bremen, settle in and establish new contacts.

You’d like to book our individual relocation services and want to know more? We’re happy to provide any information you need. Please get in touch here.

Please also note our additional services that can easily be added to your booking.

Excluding legal advice.